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What is Dhyan or Concentration?

Posted by kathavarta on January 3, 2009

While in group or amongst our near and dear ones, we can control our anger and judge that due to some topic or at somebody’s instigation we are getting angry, then control that feeling.

If that minute you control your emotions and know the reason for anger, that is true dhyan.

Dhyan or Attentiveness means my mind is under my control. It means lifting yourself to higher goals and relaxing.. When you are relaxed you can make correct judgement and attain your goal.

Always remain calm and relaxed under any circumstances like Lord Krishna, like a flute in your mind.

Our mind is never in the Present.

Either it is wandering in the past thoughts or lives in future and in imagination.

The mind’s being in the Present is called “Dhyan” Attentiveness. It is like a Prayer.

Source: http://kutasthanandji.blogspot.com
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